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Nexivity Pte. Ltd is a fully registered I.T Company based in Singapore, offering premium refurbished servers/parts, data storage and networking equipment.

In today’s world, starting out your business or upgrading your already existing business’ I.T equipment can be quite challenging and budget-unfriendly – in view of rising cost of these tech. However, our custom solutions are here to solve these problems. We’ve grown to provide over 100 businesses with smart, flexible and incredibly powerful hardware to keep their productivity running at optimal levels and getting the best out of their various niches.

We stand by our word of providing you only “as good as new” hardware, based on our rigorous vetting process.

Before we deem any item in our inventory worthy of your organization, it goes through the following checks:

  1. We vet our suppliers and ensure we are only getting authentic hardware.
  2. Upon arriving our warehouse, all products are checked by certified experts for quality assurance purposes – every single details is checked and not left out, to ensure there is NO faulty or failing part.
  3. We then proceed to do final validation checks (labeling, performance tests, etc) to tune up the hardware to perform at optimal levels, after which your order is shipped to you.

We go through all these processes to give you the best – because you deserve nothing less.

So, why not contact us today and let’s elevate your business? You don’t want to miss out!